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May 19, 2006

we humans…

What it is about humans, that lets us understand other minds, do math and science, cheat evolution by changing our environment, and speculate about itself in philosophy.

Philosophers debate about the limits of understanding. for example, how could we know either that there are or that there are not things for ever beyond our grasp? But it is easier to be amazed at its scope.

Why should an average mammal on a peripheral planet be able to understand the nature of preceding creatures millions of years back, the interior of stars, the laws of nature, the early moments of the whole universe?

That is far in excess of what we need in order to get by, as the other animals (who do not reciprocate our interest in them) get by.

The most astounding thing in the world, it may seem, is that we can understand it and the creatures within it. So much understood so recently. Yet the brains of Stone Age people were as capacious as ours. I wonder if they felt the same way.

May 15, 2006

Life begins… this time, in Greece

OK.. starting over again in new country.. this time in sunny greece/athens.

to earlier to make any conclusion but life here (like must place)- its largely good over bad.. few issues with customer service, setting-up infrastructure(telephone, mobile, internet), traffic, but iam fitting-in slowly. manage to find beautiful, big, furnished, 2BHK appartment (twice as bigger than london and half-the-price) with balconies in living room and in both bed rooms.. in the centre of the city, 10mins walk to work, just behind arcopolis, wow… wouldnt ask for me.

sun, landscape, summer – is awesome.. it shame, that i dont know many people here to go around & socialize. now trying to meet & make new friends.. fun is with the people rather the place.

to all you people in athens.. yet another new member to your community may be bit different then others since not many indian professionals specialy from down-south..

till now went around touristy places, went to nafpilo, halakida its fab.

if you or your friends in athens/greece.. would be glad to keep-in-touch..

drop a line at

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