boo.. from Singlehood

Landed on this blogs – Will Mylapore Mami’s RIP?

My single status seems to push everyone to the sideline and without any effort it gets me the limelight. Is this an accomplishment or am I the recipient of Param Vir Chakra? Be it a family gathering, a professional gathering or a relative visiting my home these folks are always read to assault and autopsy me with their questions. I don’t know their intent?……

I am just sick and tired of answering people why I am single. My single hood seems to trouble them more their old age friends, viz. asthma and arthritis and I don’t know how and why I become an eyesore in Mami crowds. May be someday I will feel marred due to my single status and decide get married, but when I do it a lot of graves will open in the city and Mami skeletons would parade to the wedding hall to bless me and walk back to their graves to rest in peace…..

I dont have somany words but I share sentiments/frustrations.

However moderate you are, when it come to marriage – No one is listening and even willing to listen to any rational arugements. more than half of ‘eating-brains-questioning-my-single-status’ crowd didn’t even cared, what I was doing before?studying? what I do for living? habits? ambitions? OK, Can understand some but cannot understand why do some many strangers bother?

Guess.. Its a social pre-defined system… process is set, follow step-1 to step-10, leads to marriage then managed it to be happy. ofcourse its Time tested so NO questions, exceptations, deviations,. unwritten rule of the land… NO one knows WHY but everyone does it…

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