Recently, landed on Shashi Krishna’s blog about Happy? Marriage? or both??

I know my parents will soon start asking me questions about my plans of ‘settling down’ in life. They will want me to be part of the crowd they were by going in for arranged marriage which does not scare me as much. But what scares me is the notion of being married to someone without love. What scares me is the concept of ‘making love grow’ after tying the knot. What scares me is the scheduled timing that takes place with such arrangements. One cannot blame me for seeing it this way. Born and bred in a pretty liberal society back in India I have been completely exposed to a whole new set of ideologies in the western world for the past decade. This exposure has in effect changed the way I visualize wedlock. I am sure I am not the only one in this weird dilemma as to which way to go when it boils down to ‘spending the rest of my life with someone’.

I totally hear him and feel the same.

sometime back.. i did some reading and post blog about arrange marriage then i wasn’t even close to thinking about marriage.. so i could post a very objective blog.

What is the perfect marriage? …
Forgiveness and love for each.
Given from the loving one-
-from way up above.

Now, when if i think for answers.. although, from friends experience and my reading (resulted as post) is still logical, real, mindful,.. but i dont know, somehow something might be missing… anyways truth is — fear is always a lot bigger in your head than it is in reality.. so I takes things as its comes.

many have tasted the bitter side of it
many that found themselves inside
wished they were not married
many that are outside
look with great admiration
towards exploiting it benefit and profit

an idea divine, designed, imported,
profit and benefit intended
affection, procreation, benediction expected
platform to extend and expand,
goodness, kindness
and the righteousness
of GOD who designed
and also assigned
wisdom to enjoy the same:
to all the creation

what is the problem?
many got the product, but neglected the manual
problem reminded many that they are not
fully prepared, Yet it is too late
to enjoy the profit and benefit intended
for marriage

Marriage’s missions: mentoring, maturing, multiplying,
Mission met marriage mended
Mission missed marriage messed

Perfection and Reality are Oxymorons

One Comment to “Marrige..(un)Defined…”

  1. This blog template is BEAUTIFUL!
    I agree with you.It is hard to live with a stranger and build up a bonding-beacuse of no other option!
    (If my mom reads this she’s goona howl:D)
    Men are asked that fateful question much later in their lives than women.Be glad about it:)The moment a girl turns 21 she’s BUGGED like hell about geeting married:(

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