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March 28, 2010

I need no more

No I need no more, not today
it’s all here
the clear ovals of a glass of cafe,
a small piece of cake,
a book,
soul pleasing music,
not to mention the odd snarling picture
and the way these different things
each a different height
singing a perfect harmony of day..

yes I need no more, not today
but tomorrow is a different day.

for Lyrics: Click here

March 26, 2010

Fear Industry

I picked up this article – Can’t afford to ignore the enemy at the gate from J. while this is not new, many people have written about it in great detail and with numbers/stats but still voice of reason is away from public discussion, media house, policy maker/politics.

Power of Nightmares: The Rise of the Politics of Fear, is a brilliantly done documentary explains in great detail about politics of fear.

“The things we fear most may be least likely to occur, which means the time, trauma and treasure we invest in them is a complete waste.

Security itself is an illusion. It is a perception that exists only between our ears. No army, insurance policy, hazmat team, video surveillance or explosive sniffer can protect us from our own immune system, a well-intentioned but clumsy surgeon, failing to look before crossing the street, an asteroid randomly hurtling through space or someone willing to die in order to do others harm.

In this sense, the only things that can truly make us more ‘secure’ are not things. They are the courage to face whatever comes with dignity and intention, and the strong relationships that assure we will face the future together, and find comfort and meaning in doing so.”

March 22, 2010

Idea or Reality?

I wonder is it just me or we people fall in love with idea of things rather than reality of things. !?

March 19, 2010

Music: Chicken soup for the soul

Recently I wrote about how I don’t like habits turning into additions, but their are few exceptions to that rule. Music is one of the them. I don’t know how? from when? but its been part of DNA. I always like to expose myself to new genre, musicians, language. Growing up- radio was my main source. Late night FM used to play very nice songs and that’s how I got introduced to many artists specially in English. I used to lock myself in the room and record cassettes from FM-radio. I didn’t learn hindi at school, I learnt it by watching some very interesting DD serials and music…(big thanks to Gulzar, KishoreKumar, M.Rafi,).

And my hometown is big on Indian classical music. December is music festival season and Its getting bigger & better every year. When I was little- for couple of years may be, my dad used to get seasonal pass for Music Academy concerts. That’s when I realized the magic of Live performance. Since then I try not miss any opportunity to watch live performance. Over the years, I watched countless performances live bands/musicians from east, west..classical, opera, jazz, fusion, some great orchestra,.. Watching Live always makes me wonder why am I not blessed with such talent to play musical instrument. And I always wished somehow magically, I woke up one day then I can play guitar(because Iam lazy to learn & practice).

My habit rather addiction for finding new music continued. with few interesting friends we share playlist. that is another source. then came youtube & iTunes.. african, arabic, persian, etc….wonderful music of the world became accessible. and my additions of digg for new music continues… I bookmark some of my finds at youtube playlist

my recent fav: Karsh Kale, Rahul Sharma, Imogen Heap, Anais Mitchell, Faithless, Oceanlab,..

Share your playlist.

March 14, 2010

Its one of those days

I got hooked Imogen Heap music. I found out that she is touring europe and visiting Luxembourg just couple of week before. Managed to get tickets & saw her Live. Opening act was by American singer Back Ted N Ted – Ryan. He was good. but when Imogen perform its like watching- birth of music. she is great, making wonderful tunes from anything & everything on the stage.

Imogen Heap Live Concert

Watch her interview & music

And that’s just start of my weekend.. I didn’t had any plans for the weekend. After wonderful music night on friday, slept late woke up late on saturday. Cooked myself nice bruch. It was a cloudy day, went for long walk. I got last minute message from a friend that old movies are been played in local theatre and if I would be interested to join her. checked the timing & surprised to find Cinema Paradiso was showing. No brainier. Someone was explaining about this movie but now I can’t recollect with whom I had this conventions. anyways, Movie was nice. finished at 10. meet another friend, went to local music bar watched live performance from 2 indie bands from UK- HomeLife and Savoy Grand.

Another wonderful day, that I had no plans for. Well, turns out my plan was- to be surprised.

Its one of those days…

March 9, 2010


Last week I was bit down and on Friday I was sick. I woke up on Saturday to notice wonderful sunny day but streets were covered with overnight snow. Took a picture of my backyard and went about doing the usual weekend morning routine(I say morning but its actually around 12.))..making coffee, breakfast, took shower and in about 2hrs, I noticed all the snow gone… What a difference 2hours of sun makes.

Its perfect analogy to Life. is it not? One sick day had cleared my memory for not-so good days in that week and everything started that 2hours of sunshine. Fact is life has so many uncontrollable parameter at play. Thinking about those too much will only keep the focus away from other controllable parameters.

Change has a considerable psychological impact on the human mind. To the fearful it is threatening because it means that things may get worse. To the hopeful it is encouraging because things may get better. To the confident it is inspiring because the challenge exists to make things better.

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