Let’s start talking

Growing up I was introvert, shy boy. While I was comfortable starting conversation with some people from common forum (school, university, work place…) but I didn’t feel comfortable among strangers and self-confidence wasn’t my USP. Like most Indians, we don’t always talk to strangers especially to opposite gender. We just look at them from distance and keep wondering should we talk or not.

Somewhere along my journey that got changed slowly. I always had great interest in travelling and I did travel all my life… family summer trip to various parts of India very couple of years from Kashmir to Andaman Islands and I started travelling very early in my career as well but before 6 or 7yrs ago I was relatively new to backpacking experience. I used to share my place-to-visit list, plan trips and would request friends to come along.

Once Me & friend of mine made trip to Romania. This was before Romania was part EU/schengen. He planned the trip and I tagged along. We flew into Bucharest and took train to Brasov. One impressive charming young girl and another gloriously beautiful young girl was sitting opposite to us. And If it’s like in the movies then boy would start talking to the girl and sooner or later song/dance would happen. But we were just two Indian boys still not sure how to start the conversation. 10mins into the journey, the girls started talking to each other in Romanian and we boy was still busy looking at them and imagine song/dance in our heads. 20mins into the journey, one girl saw my friend reading a newspaper. she asked if she would take look. Ofcourse he wasn’t going to deny it. within like 2/3mins later, she returned the paper back. Curious us asked why! and started talking to the gals. Turns out the girls weren’t travelling together. They were strangers to each others. This girl couldn’t even read English well. She asked for the newspaper just to start the conversations with us. so the Charming girl was a teacher(girl sitting left in the photo above) traveling back home and beautiful girl was model(girl sitting right) in Paris. Yes 🙂 30mins into the conversation, she started showing her portfolio book with all these great photos of her. The girls told us- what to do, where to go, what not to do, etc… by the end of the train ride, we exchanged our contact details. My friend & I kept wondering, admiring how impressive these girls started the conversation with strangers/boys and how we boys suck at it. After wonderful day trip around Brasov, we reached our hostel and noticed we share the hostel room with two young girls from Scotland doing backpacking trip. We are quick earners now we knew how to start a conversations. So started talking- our travel plans, their travel plans, good pubs nearby, etc… And that’s how I started my conversations with strangers.

This experience wasn’t about boys talking to gals. But It was about young Indian boy feeling comfortable with myself to make connects with any strangers regardless of nationality, gender… and making life experience more adventures, interesting & diverse. Since then I was never dependent of any of my friends to travel along because I realized world of full of yet-to-be-friends.

We appreciate our families & buddies for adding colors to our life but we tend to over look those souls who visit us just for brief period- during a trip, in a pub, in hotel/hostels, ticket queues, follow traveler. My life is full of those interesting people, fabulous moments and I am a better person because of them, you, all of you. I will not say thank you since there is no need for thanks & sorry among friends. right!?;)


5 Comments to “Let’s start talking”

  1. Thats wonderful… u inspire me more nd more to quit job and start backpacking… especially the train journey with Romanian girls, room sharing with Scottish girls. Jus cant wait…

  2. blame it on the society, the way we are brought up.the only woman a boy knows or i doubt how much at all he knows, is his mother , if at all he has a sister, well, he is blessed, otherwise, he si shy and so confused towards the opposite sex.
    same is with girls,
    but, i think we need to be taught to respect the other and understand and improve our comfort level with the other sex.that must be healthy way of growing up..schools can do it,only then, there will be a very healthy approach of handling the other sex.

    well,you have very well written,the inhibitions faced..keep going!post more often,

    you will enjoy this movie ‘she’s the man’ if you haven’t watched it so long…cheers

  3. lol ive heard and know of stories that started off like this and ended up where the guys were robbed, bc the women were part of a gang that stole from ppl, or they were hookers, but i guess u got lucky this time lol

    backpacking is great u just gotta learn to read ppl and not trust everyone

  4. absolutely..next time.. ya know what to ask for to start a conversation..
    The news paper

    *writes down in notebook

    “news paper is a good conversation starter”
    thats a nice piece of writing..
    coming here for the first time..
    good one!

  5. hahah that was an intresting story, well i would say people are connected very fast 😉

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