Wondering around – part 2

One of the recent sunny weekend day, went out for my usual walk. Two strangers stopped me and said something in French. I replied, I can understand French very well. Man(rather the boy) said ‘we are American student here on exchange program to spread the message of God’. Only then I noticed badge on his shirt “Jesus is our god…”. my initially thought- oh boy, this is not going to end well. Almost immediately, I said sorry boys you are wasting time with me because I am an atheists and he asked –“what’s you are point in life?” my reply- I am going for move-n-pick ice-cream now and that’s my point in life… to have good ice cream. I laughed and moved away before he could reply.

Well, I am not an atheist. I just wanted to run away and don’t want to have comparative analysis on Hinduism & Christian or any religion. Belief is such a personal thing. I believe that it is impossible to know anything about God and its a social invention because the belief that this life is all there is would be psychologically unacceptable or unimaginable. I call myself an agnostic because I do not consider it is ever possible to know the nature of God. If a God exists, which may but can not be proven because by the very nature of what a God is, that being is beyond our ability to comprehend and always will be.

Anyways, I was curious about that loaded question– what is the point in life?
kept wondering.. still wondering..

3 Comments to “Wondering around – part 2”

  1. What is the point of your life is an interesting opening. I sometimes like to engage people who are spreading the word of their belief. I respect them for they are living their belief in a very out front way and their underlying intention is driven by love. I do find that most missionaries such as the ones you encountered are very limited in what they know about their belief system and that at the end of the conversation they and sometimes I have gained something to think about.
    Nice song, thanks for sharing.

  2. Religion is a personal thing. But I understand that these poor guys are just out doing what they were told to do….”Go and save souls”, or whatever (something like that). And being someone who was forced to go to church…..I know that my religion of up-bringing was very adamant about “saving people”. It is your duty…you aren’t a good Christian if you don’t try to save all the poor wretched lost souls.

    That is the worst thing you could tell someone trying to “save you”…..”I’m an atheist” Are you crazy! You are just asking for them to knock you over the head and drag you immediately to church! Thank goodness you perplexed them with your “ice cream philosophy” That is too funny by the way.

    I would say the next time someone asks you what you believe…..say something very bizarre, like you believe in the Zorgs from Planet Xeon….and just act like a crazy person. They probably won’t want to try to discuss religion with you then.

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