Birthday, Unplugged

yet another year pass by and yet another birthday with full of surprises…

As I mentioned, I relocated recently so I had not much plans for my Bday. But it was a pleasant surprise how it turned to be. last minute thought to go for a drink with friend from work. called another friend to join. but he had other plans. so I joined him with no idea where and with whom.. couple of hours later, i was sitting among group folks all random strangers surprising me with one small piece of cake cutting at 12am.. that’s how day started.. not bad right!) came back house at 3am. phone calls woke me up at 7:30. around 11am friend invited over for home made lunch. she made rasgulla for me.. the yummeee kind. then lazy afternoon after heavy food, we watched HBO movies – nothing in common & city slickers (both I recommend). around 7pm, the only planned activity of the day- standup comedy with few friends. watching Ted Alexandro live, now twice is awesome.

also I happen to know the organize since I was one of the regulars, he surprised with shout-out from the stage for my birthday. I still dont know how he knows. may be one of friend I was with, she must have told him. turns out another audience member was also celebrating her birthday. show was great fun. then we continued the night with crawling thru city’s finest.. so that ended my another 24hrs of exciting, surprises..

One small piece of cake with 3candles to blew,
pizza drinks fondue.
as I woke up by morning dew,
phone calls from loved ones in queue.
with all strength that I drew
from the many exciting years that flew,
I realized people how are blessed like me are very few.
As I get ready for another year with dreams to pursue,
cheers to all the old things and new.

One Comment to “Birthday, Unplugged”

  1. What a super lovely way
    To celebrate your birthday
    Hope the year has in store
    Fun, laughter and much more 🙂

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