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September 2, 2009

Pain (un)defined

my thoughts silently scream for these tears.
my fingertips stuck to the keyboard to browse through our photos…
my eyes uncomfortably sown closed allowing no light..

there was little black spot on my sun past week
as she slits her skin to find freedom

its very devastating, painful, hard to take.
yet Life goes on and it must

January 14, 2008


when you think things are going just as fine,
and wild winds chases away the sweet rain,
comes a time in every once life,
you wonder if you’re sane.

Hopes make the world look gold,
or that is what I’ve been told.

Theres so many things in this life
That we can not explain

Funny how things fell in place
how inspite these transparent emotions
I managed to stay composed and serene
inside somehow there’s this little light
when will it shine to blind you
of all these questions all I can answer is a smile 🙂
a mask that will hide what’s true inside

June 13, 2007

Mate or soul Mate…!

Are some people just meant to be in our lives, to play a part, even after we think that we might loss them. What is the role of accidental meetings, coincidental phone calls, coincidental mass emails sent by to an address which still lies in your address book which you`ve never been able to delete, because you just don’t want to. Why is it that these people keep coming in your lives.!

It`s amazing the way some people are a part of your life. How they just happen to pop in at intervals decided by the Universe. It`s ironic because it`s the same universe that conspired may one day take those people away from you. I don`t know why though. I`m reading my diary right now and I have written “She`s Perfect”…

May 11, 2007

alone (Un)Defined…

When the day turns to night
there with your thoughts
your part of this fragile world
is settled into their own

Does your mind wander like mine?
Retrieving latent bits of broken dreams
Wondering what would have happened
if there was another path
Or would there have been a wall
to slam against till the pain
was unbearable, leading to
yet another sad parallel universe

But in that one, you die
not from violence or torture
unless one considers that
its self inflicted.

Alone is never so quiet when theres
no one to blame but ‘YOU’,
Laugh with the clowns
cry with the saints

Time is the only thing
that I know
because each step we take
Brings us closer to our end

Stars so bright in the sky
morning sun lights on the face as the dark sky fades away
moments frozen in time kept alive by every breathe
as another day You will survive

…You are alone until you don’t reach out…

May 3, 2007

Choices (Un)Defined…

Ayn Rand said.. Every wo/man builds his world in his/her own image. S/He has the power to choose, but no power to escape the necessity of choice. And I say, Life is not always about choice but about priorities and much of those may not be determined by you.

Life build with so many details of happenings,
the life itself continue to grow, to move,
moment of life begins to the time being, amazingly done
by the creator of life.
We move to the direction we make,
the choices and changes in life.

But there are
So many choices ahead of me
and so many I’ve made behind
Who am I trying to please here?
I don’t know what I’m trying to find

and there are
So many problems in my head
I don’t know what I want to do

But what clear is, the one making decisions here is definitely me.

We all make our own decisions
Our lives are based on the ones we choose
and we Lose when Choose the wrong.
so Dreams demand good choices

April 25, 2007

Sense (un)Defined…

Wisdom rules and mends a heart that falters.
and heals the mind of those who took time to stray!
these days require all eyes be open.
and assessments of others once entertained,

Everything we thought we knew,
and the time it took for us to know it.
is coming to an abrupt end.

take common sense,
and strap it on tight.
For safety purposes.
Do not flaunt it

Just know that we have it with us,
at all times for emergency use.

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