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January 16, 2007

High IQ is not equal to Intelligent…

Learning begins with an appreciation of our differences and realities. Everyone has heard of IQ tests, and many assume that they are the best way of assessing intelligence. It now emerges that this is a very narrow test indeed, so its persistence is highly misleading. We need to unlearn about IQ importance.

Howard Gardner writes of multiple intelligences, arguing that we have at least seven different ways of knowing the world. Instead of merely the logico-mathematical intelligence that is measured in standard IQ tests, Gardner talks about other, equally valid intelligences. They are language, spatial representation, musical thinking, kinesthetic intelligence, interpersonal and intra-personal intelligences. In a world obsessed with the standard IQ model, we run the risk of demotivating intelligent people who fail a limited and fairly arbitrary but ubiquitous test. Furthermore, those who pass may be given undue accolades, and be closed to further learning.

We all use our very different ways of relating to the world when solving the problems that we have; in other words, we all have different approaches to solving problems. It is also now widely recognized that we have different learning styles , learning modalities (visual, auditory and kinesthetic) and creativity styles.

unless we use different approaches when engaging different people(E.I), we may not hardly be heard, let alone hope to communicate in any meaningful way. Everyone has strengths in one or more of these seven areas, which combine to become part of that person’s individual reality. If we find that we cannot easily understand or like someone, by speaking to another of their `selves’ we can find talents and gifts we little suspected. This is true empathy; consciously learning about their world and dealing in their reality.

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