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April 27, 2019


A Supercluster. I can’t find another way to describe my mind. Its not to say I am intelligent nor to say my mind filled with interesting stuff rather filled with curious thoughts about many random things.

Fresh, but about what?

I have these million ideas for writing – Letters to my kids, daily talks/articles/music that interests, investments (money management), life goals, daily struggles,.

Like always so confused on where to start and how to start.

I have started fresh with new blog page. if you are curious and wanted to know new link,  feel free to ping me..

This page will end now for now.

May 23, 2011

Creed…Mine too

To live as gently as I can;
To be, no matter where, a man;
To take what comes of good or ill
And cling to faith and honor still;
To do my best, and let that stand
The record of my brain and hand;
And then, should failure come to me,
Still work and hope for victory.

To have no secret place wherein
I stoop unseen to shame or sin;
To be the same when I’m alone
As when my every deed is known;
To live undaunted, unafraid
Of any step that I have made;
To be without pretense or sham
Exactly what men think I am.

To leave some simple mark behind
To keep my having lived in mind;
If enmity to aught I show,
To be an honest, generous foe,
To play my little part, nor whine
That greater honors are not mine.
This, I believe, is all I need
For my philosophy and creed.

~ Edgar Albert Guest

April 28, 2010

Now (un)defined

As I look behind, path filled with joy,
with experiences that graduated me to a man from a boy,
with little tragedy or guilt
with some clutter of past doubt…
As I try to look ahead into uncertain empty road
and my sight tries to envisions a future as it unfold
with the hope of strong & truth.
As I take the opportunities, the choices that befalls me
and I try to grab the chances that await me…

But I will plead, NOW
and leave the future to the future..

December 25, 2009

Merry Xmas

There are 4stages in life.
you believe in santa,
you don’t believe in santa,
you are santa
you look like santa.
whichever stage you are in,
Have a peaceful Merry Christmas..

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September 30, 2009

my Friend-Facts

If you believe in old proverb- “Tell me who your friends are, and I will tell you who you are” then I share my friend-facts with you…

Most common zodiac sign: Libra
Geographic distribution: 18 countries, 7 states
Gender breakdown: 47% female / 53% male
Relationship status: 57% single / 43% taken
Political breakdown: 86% democrats / 14% republicans

Hm… Its true after-all it does say something about me. But Iam still not sure what it means to have more Libra friends.! will anyone care to explain!?

I knew we have lot in common, Iam crazy too

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June 2, 2009

Wise words

Thanks to DD

Life is indeed is lot more of fun when you are not responsible for your actions..;)

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