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December 1, 2008

Reaction expected, but how to!

With end of Mumbai terror crisis, now media/people/politicians all are debating about what action should India take? It’s clear the terrorist are Pakistani origin (and few from UK). As I think about it with my little knowledge on foreign policy- India has choice to react:

  • like USA- the black-and-white view and go to war with Pakistan. Is it a smart move? I don’t think so. It’s almost clear & most experts would agree that the Pakistan government has (atleast no longer) no control-over all of its territory and these militant groups. Also history doesn’t support Pakistan’s government when they say ‘not-us’ & ‘we-stand-with-you-and-support-you’ but I do believe & trust majority of Pakistani people even those you disagree with US’s war-on-terror, has favourable opinion for good relationship with India. So I don’t believe both in short-term and long-term this(war with Pakistan) would be any good and would solve nothing if not make it even worse. However I understand, this seems to be popular taking-point now.
  • like Israel- on back of Munich attack Mossad planned & acted out series of target killings of terrorist involved. Its a smart move. should india do something similar? may be (assuming such an act is possible by RAW in short-to-mid-term). But I would be ashamed of such actions from land of Gandhi. Our morals and character are tested not in good time but in bad.
  • like India, as in the past- Continue to do what we do but only just time be more smart and learn from mistakes (without blames) to handle pre-and-post situations. Work for better relationship with Pakistan with increased economic/trade links, intelligent links, supports them to clean-up their politically/ISI/military structures. This is in best interest of both the countries.

As I mentioned in my previous post, it’s very easy to forget progress made in recent times between India & Pakistan as we live in 24news cycle which doesn’t allow us to think.

And as Gandhi said, ‘Anger and intolerance are the twin enemies of correct understanding’ and ‘Anger is the enemy of non-violence and pride is a monster that swallows it up’. I sincerly hope common-sense & cool minds in India government will prevail during these testing times.

And Word to Pakistani’s friends/government/media(if anyone listening)– It doesn’t help when all evidence points attacker are from Pakistan, rejecting it only shows age-old ‘not-me’ response. Instead work with us and be more critical about your decision making as well & accept your shot comings..Please.

Non-violence is the article of faith, which is the quality of the heart, cannot come by an appeal to the brain. And its not a garment to be put on and off at will. Its seat is in the heart, and it must be an inseparable part of our being.
— Mohandas Gandhi

November 28, 2008

Day after thought, to defeat terrorism

Yesterday I was sad, angry and wrote down (here), what I thought was happening and didn’t happen.

Today with sense, I am eating my words with honest measured reflections & thoughts. With best intelligence, task-force and even if USA acts responsiblily without ‘what’s-in-it-for-us’ foreign policy, will it defeat terrorism!? At best, it can save few more life, might stop some terrorist acts and might defeat terrorist but it will not cure terrorism.

It was very easy for us(atleast for me) to forget recently events before the attack. We had 65% voter turn-out in J&K elections, Pakistan Govt. acknowledged Kashmir’s Mujahideen as terrorist (which never happened before in our history), Pakistan Govt willing for greater trade links with India. India & Pakistan never had better relationship in the past and growing strength-to-strength by the day. Surely my (Indian) government is doing something correct which I am overlooking and not giving credit for.

In today’s globalized world, either we are victim or observer of such terror attacks. The moment we throw un-measure thousand words in public then we make the mission of the terrorists successful. Since their motivation is to get publicity for good or bad reasons. Media doesn’t help either by providing the kind of horrific visuals.

Although India can proudly claim to be quite inclusive in nature though favouritism has been always an issue, yet these repeated incidents of terror instead of making us immune and indifferent is actually making us apprehensive and panic stricken. So what can be done? Nothing much can be changed if someone is willing to kill him for a cause. Even Moon & Mars cannot be a safe place. Yes Nothing can be done without having a long-term politically solutions, socially policies, roadmap, education, jobs, social justice, tolerance, patients,..which ofcourse isn’t start-end path but a continues effects to make tomorrow better than today.

If each of us continues to do what we are doing without getting greatly influenced by the news and stand with our morals then in long-run terrorism will vanish.
I will try to do my part by not panic and by not posting incomplete blog (which I did yesterday).

PS: very interesting article with good insights @ How to Defeat Terrorism

November 27, 2008

Yet another attack…and??

Yet another attack on freedom, It’s nothing new for Mumbai, a city I admire for its courage and resolve. I am sad but more than sad I am angry. I am very angry because, I don’t see or read what my government is doing to stop or atleast control such attacks! 

First it was ordinary people, then multiple attacks across cities, and now attack on foreign diplomats and rich side of the city. From Parliament to Judiciary, everything in this nation is targeted.
for F*@k sake, Cannot we improve human intelligence inside the country? Why cannot RAW(India’s CIA) predict such attacks? Why still don’t have anti-terror wing?
Statistically more people in India die from terrorist attack each year (more than Iraq or any other part of the world). Yet we don’t have any clear roadmap and strong law to stop such attacks or action plan to react to such attacks. Few laws which we have are often used for political purposes thus making it ineffective. 

India Inc and Indian public had always found way around bad policy, politicians, corruptions, to achieve sizable growth. And I understanding, Fighting with terrorism should not only be the duty of government but only(or always) people cannot do anything without government framework with honest intentions & effort. 

The intelligence gathering in India is very bad. We swung into action after strike takes place and then get relax for another to happen. At national level, there is a need of a high-level anti-terrorist squad, which should have its branch in every state. Intelligence system & anti-terror laws of our nation requires complete overhauling & better implementation and should be outside hands of political establishment.

It is also necessary to have a centralised system of information gathering and disbursement. There is a need for one or two toll free phone numbers, which any body can take information from about victims after such strike or in the case of natural calamity. It is far from understanding that why until date government has not thought of such a mechanism for a country like India, which is not only big in geographical term, but has vast population and diversity in the terms of languages as well. It is also necessary that if anybody has any suspicion then he or she can call a toll free number and can share the information with the government. No such method is available. Even if someone finds something suspicious, he chooses to remain quiet, as majority do not want to deal with local ’khaki’ clad. Government must provide an option to those who want to share any information without being harassed. Unfortunately as of now, no such thing exists in our nation.

There is also a need for task-force for handling the situation, which arises after such attacks. It must consist not just security personnel but also doctors, nurses, NGOs. Life can be saved if we have an expert team, rushing at the site to assist the victims & families.

Entire nation is depressed to loss lives but we still put brave face and move ahead. I pray for peace and for the families who lost their loved ones. 
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