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December 5, 2009

War on Climate

I posted my 2cents on global warming saving earth(?) and watching AlGore live

I find this interesting TEDtalk from Legendary scientist David Deutsch puts theoretical physics on the back burner to discuss a more urgent matter: the survival of our species. The first step toward solving global warming, he says, is to admit that we have a problem. Civilizations has gone to dust and sooner or later we could be too. Only logical way for our civilizations to live-on as long as possible is to figure out way & learn to survive better even with changing temperature and ofcourse also reducing(/postponing) temperature changes by altering lifestyle choices. It has to be both not one or the other.

November 17, 2009

Explaining the Explanations

For tens of thousands of years our ancestors understood the world through myths, and the pace of change was glacial. The rise of scientific understanding transformed the world within a few centuries. Why? Physicist David Deutsch proposes a subtle answer at Ted.

I differ in one sense that to make assumptions about our so called pre-historic generation had no good rational explanations about our world may not be very correct. for example- vedas had some explanations more correctly noted distance between earth with moon, explanations for evaporation/rain,et. perfectly calculated architectures/construction from olden times means they knew about it not accidentally. maybe they don’t give real reason because they thought it would create controversy or it also may be because we no longer have access to those valid explanations which could have been destroyed with times. or may be earth has been recreated so many time with many climate changes and so there was even more advanced cultivation which was washed away by time.. so while I agree that ancient explanations haven’t always been rational but I can’t believe they knew little. I think they knew more than what we think they knew. ofcourse, I could be wrong but that’s my 2cents.

April 21, 2008

Global warming… Saving earth?

No doubt human has making earth worse by the day but i always wonder about save earth slogan. why earth need saving? sure for my kids and grand kids.! but if it look millions of earth to reach where we are now but surely it will take more than 100yrs to make worse for millions with 9billion(then projected world population)

I find this interesting comment from BBC’s program- Earth: The Power of the Planet

in the long run, earth can cope with anything we can throw at it we could clear all the jungles, but a jungle can regrow over a few thousand years. we could burn all earths’ fossil fuels, flooding the atmosphere with carbon dioxide but even then, it will take the planet only a million years or so for the atmosphere to recover even the animals we are wiping out will eventually be replaced by others equally rich in diversity as a relentless work of evolution continues it’s only a question of time the earth will be just fine.

it’s not to say rapid changes we force on earth don’t matter that is because humans operate on a different time scale we have evolved to life in a world as it is now so in changing this world, we are altering the environment that has allowed the human race to thrive we could be creating conditions that threaten that long term survival of our civilization.

so all this stuff about saving planet earth, well that is not the problem: planet earth doesn’t need saving, earth is a great survivor it’s not the planet we should be worrying about, it’s us.

Ofcourse its no excuse to do our bit to make this world better place but lets have no isolation- its NOT earth we are trying to save but its just yet another selfish human act.

June 14, 2007

AlGore was in Town…

Former US Vice President Al Gore was in town to delivery speech about Global Warming.
Al Gore
Thanks for Sophie, a friend of mine.. who dropped email about this yesterday and I could ran in last minute. I don’t know the future but I consider this to be lifetime opportunity to see the man live. turned out to be a great experience.

Athens being Athens– It wasn’t publicized well. being free entrance, I expected too much crowd then what I saw and I can notice most people were foreign/expats. I cannot understand why large% of local population would want to miss this..!! Initially, we were sited in auditorium adjacent and couldn’t see live instead its live telecast. was very disappointed ofcourse. but its still OK till the speech started, it was live telecast with greek translation voice over. oh god.! I couldn’t believe this.

but again, Athens being Athens– you will always find work around (like India). we approached some officials and we were guided to sit in the auditorium to fill-in few remaining empty sites, where Al Gore was speaking.

about Global Warming/Information– I don’t need to explain importance of it since any rational human being would know and others(/stupid) will not accept or bother anyways.

Al Gore speech was great– passionate and informative, based on facts, data/statistics. He was very critical about US government policies on this (rightly so). He ended his speech by saying– as mankind had achieved some much glory in past, we could end this issue and control its impact. But he didn’t outlined how individuals can contribute. ofcourse many would know but I thought that would be logical conclusion.

as far as, I remember AlGore and Prince Charles are one of the few personalities, who were talking about Global Warming for decades now. Rest of us are late to join them. We have moral obligation as thinking being to protect and stop other species from extension from this planet. Let the normal cycle of ice age continues, lets not trouble natural cycle of creation. Hopefully, collectively we will do more good so that our kids can enjoy this planet as we did if not more.

anyways, during the whole speech seeing his passion, approach and awareness– I couldn’t avoid thinking whether he is going to run for 2008 US presidential election or not? I want him to and from yesterday experience, my guess is– he might.

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