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July 25, 2006

Human beings – what & why..!?

read interesting blog recently “What is Human beings?” intial thoughts – oh my good lord this person needs friends to spend time with..!_) then i realize its very nice complex thought..

what is human?
Contemporary science considers the human being on the basis of two different dimensions of his existence: the biological and the social. Human beings appeared on earth as a result of a long process of development. As biological creatures, they still retain a close genetic connection with the animal world. Man’s organism has many features in common with the higher animals. Human got ahead of the mammals thanks to the intensive development and differentiation of the cerebral cortex. human is an integrated unity of the biological, the organismic and the personal, the natural and the social, the inherited and what he acquires during his/her life.

why are we like this?
Everything in the world is conditioned and takes place according to necessity. When we consider not merely objective events that occur in the world but also conscious human activity, the problem of necessity reveals itself in a new aspect: by becoming aware of it we turn necessity into freedom. The thinkers of the ancient world pondered the question of who governed the universe— the gods or destiny? Was the world ruled by reason or by blind necessity? According to Heraclitus, everything depended on destiny, and destiny meant necessity. The essence of destiny was reason, which guided everything.

I was thinking what stone age man thinkings was –

July 19, 2006

is India’s future success – The Myth..?

recent article made me think is India’s success story really Myth,,!? may be or may be NOT..

would recommend to read this before – Pankaj Mishra’s “The myth of the new India” in The New York Times

While India is making significant strides in some areas thanks to opening up of its economy and a drastic change from a focus on agriculture and rural economy (an agenda of prior prime ministers) there is a lot that needs to be done. The current prime minister had been responsible for the economy change when he was the finance minister in an earlier administration.

One of the strongest things going for the India is its democracy “to the ultimate” – a country where it is possible to have a communist party take lead in some parts of India (something that cannot be dreamt in US). It is a democracy where the have-nots kick out technocrats in favor of communist party candidates – AND THAT IS TRULY DEMOCRACY!

Today, the strides made in India are focused on the educated elite – there is some trickle down affect – but not as much as desired. However these major strides have been in the past 16 years ONLY. What will the next 16 years bring about – I feel – A LOT. We have not given India enough time and one generation needs to pass before one can see significant changes at other levels.

There are still some remnant ills of past generations like, the caste system, poverty and poor distribution system – and not all have been fixed. But major strides are happening in all areas. Even
poor people see that their hope in a better life is in higher education, hence they are eager to give their children what they could not accomplish in terms of education. It will take a generation for those results to manifest. There is a VERY STRONG focus on education. Also notice
nobody seems to talk about hunger in India. That has a lot to do with the distribution infrastructure and tech.

Investment is pouring in from all parts of the world. “Hi-tech” was focused on service oriented jobs, and now that has changed and a lot and VCs from the silicon valley and Europe are investing in the country – and so are big corporations.

Focus of the country has moved to nuclear energy for obvious reasons. Electric car manufacturers (like Reva) are beginning to taking a foot hold as well. India will be more nuclear than US because that is the only hope. I feel India is on the right track… give it time… it could end up
exceeding China in the next generation.

When you hear about “hi-tech” in India, one thing that you do not hear about is “hi-tech” investment by the country in military. India will become a major power in economy AND military might.

Somethings to watch out for wrt India, will be its military might and to some extent Hindu fundamentalism. Why I say this, because ultimate power can bring about arrogance.

if you thinks Hindu fundamentalism, even though a weakling must be kept in check – and I feel it is under check for now. I don’t expect Hindu fundamentalism ever taking a significant foot hold in India. Here is my hope: Hindu fundamentalists do get riled up because of other religions like Christianity and Islam trying to convert. Hindus do not have a branch in the religion that focuses on ‘conversion to Hinduism’ and that irritates many folks. The saying goes in Hinduism – “we do not want to or are even willing to convert you to Hinduism- don’t do that to our people”. One good thing going for Hinduism is its basic tolerance to other religions. Thanks to “Pantheism” they will worship any god of any other religions like Jesus Christ etc.

Should not surprise you that the Prime Minister is Sikh and the President is Muslim. Democracy and tolerance again. India narrowly missed getting a Christian prime minister.

There is a lot going on in defense technology. I would not be surprised it India is not working on Cruise missiles and Missile interceptors. They have neighbors that have not been very friendly in the north and the east.

Today, Indians are more free in India than Americans in US. You want Viagra you are free to get it without remorse or feel the the strong arm of a police state. Your life is not an open book to the
government like it is in US. Your finances are not 100% in the face of electronic tracking. I presume 50% of the economy does not show up on any books. It has its ills. Lack of proper taxation leads to
poor infrastructure. Flip side – the underground economy in completely legitimate products is capitalism to its ultimate.

My take: Give India another 20 Years. Many ills will be taken care of. It is a very good time for US to partner with India. India will not, ever be like China, a country to fear. It will be a very strong country, and will remain friendly and open.

India has a lot going for it in the realm of higher education.

It should not surprise you that the highest rated engineering school in the world is IIT and the highest rated Management school is IIM. Both tougher to get into than MIT and Wharton. Medical schools like AIIMS and CMC Vellore are not household names yet in US but they
are names to watch, both with extremely tough standards. But these are schools you hear about. There are other schools as well, may not be as the well known, but still producing good
human resources and in fairly good volume.

Give it time (and not too much either) India will surprise you and very fast.

India, with its rich culture, strong economy, friendliness and openness will be a country to envy.

July 19, 2006

Why do people want to get married?

recently read blogs

made me think and posted my comments tooo..

having lived in western world some years now – marriage is viewed as a level of commitment. Seriously, no one taking that road until they live with the person for a few years… attitude is : If it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it. no one is in rush (may be some women due to body clock pressure) and totally cool to be single… instead of regret it later.

in general – i guess reason may be :

  • from the time we’re tiny, we’re taught that we’re going to grow up and get married. We actually have conditioned ourselves to believe that we are not a success in this life unless we do find that one perfect person and marry. It’s the fad of this millenium.. next one, no one will marry!
  • Because society tells us that if you are not married, you are NOT NORMAL, and something is WRONG WITH YOU! There is a social stigma associated with not being married.

but i think… its only human to love and wanting to be loved & cared. may be marriage is an self-assurance that you are worth it.

July 18, 2006

scratches using my crayons…

after many years, started to scratches using my crayons again. for doing this simple stuff, i wasted so many pencil and rubber trees. also, not my orginaly imagination.

although photo look OK, nothing so perfect while doing this. my good lord gone those school days when my hand was free-flowing and brain were seeing. now its seem to be more diffcult hobby. i learnt its very easy to say ‘wow’ instead of trying to good one.

somany of interest(- paint, photography, music, books, movies, blogs,) but so less time.. and ‘good in none’.

wish I could perfect something atleast before I die..

July 11, 2006

Living once life..but how..!?

Over the years, our inbox were flooded with FWDs with speeches/articles of various personality from all walks of life (business executive, entrepreneurs, spiritually leaders, authors, celebrities,..) on this very topic – Life, whatz important in life? 100s-ways to lead happy life,?. with great appreciation of life, caring my past as memories, enjoying daily surprising experience as it comes, and with heavy baggage of culture/society thinking & belief, I continue my quest for better life – one with wisdom/knowledge/so called ways-to-lead-happy-life, while living a happy & exciting life…

Consistent contradiction of benefits of knowing too much vs. ignorance is bliss – its were is started. did ever gave hard thought about “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life..”.? in certain ways I couldn’t compile to this rules(so-to-speak). my attempt was unsuccessful – in someways or not, I had too infact sometimes we all are influenced by our emotions. its very romantic to say “live your life and dont live in results of others thinking..” but practically we trapped in thinking for living for our loved ones(parents/friends/spouse/children/..) in someways. our purpose and sense somehow doesnt go beyond. reason may be many..limit of knowledge/sense-of-understanding, whatever.. but by pursuit what we interpret and implement(half-barked) results in isolation mentally/thinking/lifestyle/intellectually from our loved ones(parents/friends) because its takes our thinking away from what they know and believed in…result is: we lead complex lifestyle & perform balancing act between what we know and what we were taught.

Someways, I envy someone with ignorance(is bliss). if you dont know what you are missing you dont miss anything. I dont claim to be intellect, but an individual who would understands the difference. unfortunate/fortunate but I cannot avoid thinking:
– Much in life are directed by things preceding me, therefore out of my control.
– Our mind will somewhat be polluted by public discourse(/superego – the division of the unconscious that is formed through the internalization of moral standards of parents and society, and that censors and restrains the ego)…
– I cannot escape your emotions and it will always interfere with my sense of truth..
– Always been a major distortion between what I know, what I will be able to communicate, and what people will then understand.
– We are ultimately subject to forces beyond us, natural selection, laws of acceleration,etc.
– What people tell you or how others view you will inevitably affect you.
– You will sometime be subject to the needs of your containing vehicles: physical body, relationships, family, house, nation, car, etc.. and because of the nature of time, everything that persists requires maintenance.

it’s hard to say whether I act based upon these dirty truths. perhaps, the proper way is to live in transcendence of these rules–i.e.. to keep up with an idealistic conception of life.

It’s old adage, that for every answer there are two new questions. No matter how deep we penetrate any issue, or what we do to improve ourselves, our environments, our existence, there will always be an infinite number of steps before us. The process is one that never ends… as much as I hate to admit it, I love this game-of-life and cannot help thinking that’s very reason why life is more exciting, and in those ugly truths all that it is reflected our wish to let it go on and on.

but then, may be its just me.. may be because of I am currently living in land of Socrates & Plato, may be I have too much of time, may be I am very happy man unnecessary complicating less complex life or may be only ugly, banal, truth is that happiness might be boring…

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