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February 27, 2010

Following Bliss

Sometimes when you are feeling lost with no sense of direction and don’t know where you are heading then you should close your eyes and think about moments of joy & happiness, deep happiness. Its called Following your bliss. I am trying…

May 7, 2009

Ignorance is indeed bliss

When confusion and complications becomes state of mind (or way of life) then its no wonder to think Ignorance is bliss.
Because it’s easier to support something blindly than exploring all the options. It’s also easier to act on instinct and learned behaviors rather than to think about what they’re saying/doing. but ignorance once lost, its gone can’t get it back. what to do? I came to realize that:

  • You will never do the optimal thing
  • Nobody is beyond temptation
  • There will always be a major distortion between what you know, what you will be able to communicate, and what people will then comprehend.
  • Life does have no intrinsic meaning.
  • We impact everything, but yet we are often powerless to control. And Much of our life is directed by things preceding us and therefore out of our control.
  • Your mind will always be polluted by public discourse.
  • Perspectives and living are ephemeral and temporary.
  • You will be the vehicle of stupid actions that are equally as inane as the sins of others. Irrationality is common and its human.
  • Your emotions will always interfere with your sense of truth.
  • We are ultimately subject to forces beyond us, natural selection, laws of accelerating returns, etc.
  • What ppl tell you or how others view you will inevitbly affect you.
  • You will always have bias.
  • We will always have to act on incomplete knowledge.
  • You will never be able to do precisely what you want to do
  • There will always be so much more beyond your awareness.
  • You can never truly break from the trajectory, maybe nudge it around, but that’ll ultimately be part of that trajectory
  • Your weaknesses will always be betrayed by your actions at some point
  • You won’t be able to win them all. Someone will always hate you no matter what.
  • Knowing and doing will always be different
  • You will never rid the world of evil and cruelty
  • You will always be subject to the needs of your containing vehicles: physical body, relationships, family, house, nation, car, etc..
  • Because of the nature of time, everything that persists requires maintenence.
  • There are other lives within you that will carry on their own.
  • Ignorance is bliss, so is complete knowledge. so I prefer the later.

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