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March 14, 2010

Its one of those days

I got hooked Imogen Heap music. I found out that she is touring europe and visiting Luxembourg just couple of week before. Managed to get tickets & saw her Live. Opening act was by American singer Back Ted N Ted – Ryan. He was good. but when Imogen perform its like watching- birth of music. she is great, making wonderful tunes from anything & everything on the stage.

Imogen Heap Live Concert

Watch her interview & music

And that’s just start of my weekend.. I didn’t had any plans for the weekend. After wonderful music night on friday, slept late woke up late on saturday. Cooked myself nice bruch. It was a cloudy day, went for long walk. I got last minute message from a friend that old movies are been played in local theatre and if I would be interested to join her. checked the timing & surprised to find Cinema Paradiso was showing. No brainier. Someone was explaining about this movie but now I can’t recollect with whom I had this conventions. anyways, Movie was nice. finished at 10. meet another friend, went to local music bar watched live performance from 2 indie bands from UK- HomeLife and Savoy Grand.

Another wonderful day, that I had no plans for. Well, turns out my plan was- to be surprised.

Its one of those days…

June 26, 2008

Multi-Cultural Weekend

For some stupid, silly and lazy reason I am not hear often enough. I have no good excuse. anyways..

This past week was long weekend in Luxembourg. I was very tempted to travel the usual backpack got away trips. But a friend suggested that this long weekend is worth staying back. and Indeed it was. It was fab.
Saturday evening with Orchestre Philharmonique de Luxembourg Concert playing movie soundtracks from Bond, IndyJones, Mission Impossible, Lord of the Rings, Pirates of Caribbean,… with crowd cheering for more the show overrun.

Walking away not too far good DJ mix. Opposite to Indian food stall. That’s right. Indian..;) couldn’t believe my eyes. Samosa, Chicken Saag, with good music and ofcourse very good company made the night (and earlier morning)).

Sunday as usual started at afternoon(for me morning) manage to get up and ready for 3pm to watch Capoeira

and Brazilian music & dance. beauty… and made some new contacts which always pressure.

Walk away few meter accidentally landed on African concert

Cheer leader.. cheering nothing—may be to make people eat and drink more.;)

and Central & south American music

and Luxembourgish traditional dance

whole evening of walk around and hoping into multi-cultural concerts.

then watching Grand-Duché de Luxembourg

followed by Parade. Which I thought very funny I cannot understand theme its public service, school, old people organizations,.. may be all Luxembourgish passport holders.!?) [/so very low local population here.. ;)]

ofcourse National Day Fireworks..

and biggest open air party in town with crazy music, crazy crowd..

in the middle that crazy noisy crowd– someone is getting married and friends throwing bachelor party..

And another weekend night ended in earlier morning…Morning relatively quite day. Military Parade in afternoon and also because of busy sleepless weekend.

In short- making random friends, great music, concerts, mulit-cultural events… and all night out open-air noisy parties- Long weekend was awesome.

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