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January 24, 2008

You got Talent..

you got see it to believe it and feel it. I got a fwd with this link. under the subject “don’t judge by appearance

Carphone salesman in British TV’s ‘You got talent’ show, which is what american idol is based on. Paul Potts, a regular guy working as salesman in carphone warehouse, came into the show and did no one expected him to do… Sang Opera- to amaze the crowd and judges. I don’t know opera well but iam talented enough to understand & appreciate that he sang with emotions and he got great voice.
He eventually won the program and went on to release his own record(“One Chance“).

World is full of talented people; lack-of-confidence and prejudging, is making so many other Paul-like vanish in the crowd. Hope this will help some of us to change if not in helping them atleast by not underestimating anyone.

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