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April 27, 2019

Power of Silence

As a child, I was introvert. I had millions thoughts, happiness, sadness, opinions. Not always I was allowed to express my thoughts neither I had confidence to express those.

As I grew older, my confidence grew with my experience and I started sharing my thoughts without fear of judgement. Over time it’s become my identity. Actually I realised it would be inherited from my parents DNA and Its not unique tract to me, as I see people around me (AA, parents, brothers, sisters, friends,) do this all time I.e. talking before thinking (or at least I think they do)

Sharing my thoughts, opinions unfiltered as it gets generated or sometimes even before its fully takes any meaningful shape inside head – that had become my personality.

Infact in work performance review session, my Manager’s positive feedback was “YA has unique abilities to generate 1000 ideas per minute, Manager’s can maximise YA ability, if they are able to harness right ideas suitable for the situation convert those to actions”

But over past 8yrs, AA kept saying by talking my mind without filtering and without thinking what/how she would feel about it, I have ruined numerous moments and made her feel terrible

I think that I am flexible and I follow the instructions well but I do share my view which would make life ‘better’ but I am getting to realise that my subjective reality is my own, my thoughts are my own, every thought has its place and time, a thought‘s worth is only when its expected.

Even if my thoughts might well intended but I do realise others might not appreciate my frank opinions all the time.

Like in my childhood, I need to go back being Silent and keep my thoughts in check.

Silence is golden.

March 28, 2010

I need no more

No I need no more, not today
it’s all here
the clear ovals of a glass of cafe,
a small piece of cake,
a book,
soul pleasing music,
not to mention the odd snarling picture
and the way these different things
each a different height
singing a perfect harmony of day..

yes I need no more, not today
but tomorrow is a different day.

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