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January 18, 2008

Hitler’s Indian Army

If you were wonder why in cemetery near Le Touquet, northern France some Indians graves were next german in same shape/size and not that of Allied focus then you can find the answer in BBC documentary – Hitler’s secret Indian Army

We know Indian army was found to flight against British rule in India and how they aligned with Japan. But Both British & India locked away the details about “Free India Legion” alignment/involvement with Hilter.

Although Bose is right-wing activity he was not a extremist like Hitler. Creation for Indian National Army with the help of Hitler may not be common knowledge among us. As I struggle to reason out Indian army taking help someone from Hitler, I would only think— Its more of a case of enemy of enemy is friend. It’s no secret that INA fought the British troops in parts of Burma, Philippines, Japan and Indonesia. If one has to reflect strong comments that Subhash Bose took help from industrialized economy to achieve his goal- freeing India from British brutal rule.

Bose ofcourse wouldn’t be aware of SS true practices and Japan’s intentions when you asked for help. From enough historian evidence we now even British, Americans, good part of German people don’t know either. Britain infact went to german had talks with Hitler and turn blind eye about Poland. Its only when Hitler turned to Britain they fought. I fail to accept that Britain or Americans would have went with war with Hitler for human right reasons (like they ‘claim’ today for Iraq). They don’t care and nor did Vatican cared to stop or talk strong against Hitler while its was happening. Again, we do have enough historical evidence to interpret this.

Subhash Chandra Bose was a patriot, who had radically approach for india’s freedom but nevertheless his intentions was not to rule India but to free India from foreign rule. Soldiers who followed Bose were freedom fighters with version to liberate homeland. Rape can never be viewed only with civil right version. That would west’s version of exploiting commonwealth history for to hide its dirty past. afterall, we cannot forget British troops- using cannos to blew old men, raping women. And who can deny or forget Jallaianwala Bagh massacre or Komagata Maru.
If India would have won freedom Bose’s way, no doubt today’s india might be (good or bad) different (/may be turkey or may be we had have been broken into different states). We would never know and can never make any judgment about the same.

I am very glad and proud about our past and the way we achieved our (Gandhi’s way) freedom.

I am not very nationalist nor do I doubt intention of today’s western populations and their way of democracy. It be stupid to ignore and turn blind eye for all the help we received/receiving from Britain, America and wilder international community. and ofcourse, I am not trying to justify ‘so-called’ wild rampage act for Free India Legion but what I don’t want is– for historian to judge the past with very narrow one-side view. After all, it’s totally not correct to read British’s version of Indian history.

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